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  • Optical EDI catalog - iZySolutions

    Why opt for an optical EDI catalog?

    The main reason for opting for an optical EDI catalog is saving time! For lenses, contact lenses, frames and accessories suppliers, it is very important to easily generate their products catalog […]

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  • 100% professional health: iZySolutions support

    Are you an optics player? the 100% health on the professional side , have you heard of it and have been preparing for it for a while? But are you 100% ready? In this article, we focus on the […]

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  • Solutions for the business needs of contactology

    The optical sector is a rapidly changing market and contactology, or more precisely the sale of contact lenses follows this movement: development of technologies, sales on the Internet, support […]

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  • With our WebShop, connect directly with opticians and / or wearers!

    What is a WebShop ? It is a merchant internet interface that allows optical suppliers (glassmakers, eyewear, etc.) to be put in direct contact with opticians in the context of a BtoB relationship […]

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  • EDI invoices solution for optical players

    Discover our EDI invoices solution for Optics

    iZySolutions has developed an EDI invoices solution especially made for optical industry players! Indeed, who can be best suited than the leader in software solutions and service offerings for […]

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  • All about optical lab management software

    Optical lab management software or how to simplify your daily life!

    Have you ever heard about optical lab management software? This is a software solution that enables the different partners of optic industry: opticians, manufacturers, suppliers, retail chains… […]

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  • iZySolutions LAB'O Orléans

    iZySolutions: 10 years of expansion!

    iZySolutions is already 10 years! Discover our expansion in […]

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  • iZySolutions is part of L’Excellence en Mayenne in France !

    The book L’Excellence en Mayenne co-written by Nébia Séri, Caroline Lelièvre, Yoan Le Blévec and Claudine Letourneur has been released and deals with companies in Mayenne (France). In this […]

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  • Electronic catalogs and optic standards

    What if your customers, the opticians, could have access in a blink to the list of all the characteristics (technical data, manufacturing grids, fees…) of your products like lenses, contact […]

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  • Welcome to our iZySolutions blog!

    iZySolutions is the European leader in software solutions and services for players in the optical sector. Indeed, iZySolutions has developed “THE” computerized data exchange toolbox […]

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