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"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people." - Steve Jobs

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iZySolutions is the European leader in software solutions and service offerings for the players of the optic industry. Stéphane TROLET and Julien DROUIN, both from IT and familiar with the optic industry, launched iZySolutions in 2009.

From their experience and European deployments that they were brought to do, Julien and Stéphane took note that no professional electronic tools dedicated to players of the optic industry existed so it could ease their daily work.

A mischief that became necessary because of the EDI rise, of the computerization and of the new regulations. iZySolutions is born.

iZySolutions’ vision : simplify

Being the flows’ facilitator between optic industry players’ IT systems, thanks to our creativity and our enhanced knowledge of the industry.
Stéphane TROLET

Stéphane TROLET


From the beginning, we organized our activity so that the success of our clients’ projects is at the center of our primary goals. Every day we take up the challenge to ensure quality, to respect deadlines and to maintain our responsiveness.
My part is, among others, to make sure that this balance is maintained over time, which is for me fundamental.


General Manager

We’ve made the choice to work with the latest technologies which allow us to have this responsiveness, to be able to customize according client’s needs and to minimize the interne IT impact with our clients.
My part is, among others, to ensure the technological evolution while reassuring our clients about the sustainability of their solution.

For your information, since its creation, iZySolutions has an average growth of its turnover of 30% per year.

Learn about our culture

At iZySolutions, we managed to fit with the generation Y which represents the main part of our teams and we follow an agile management, “SCRUM”, while paying attention to our teams’ creativity.

iZysolutions méthodes agiles iZysolutions méthodes agiles

The agile management « SCRUM » in practice

SCRUM is based on the cohesion, the motivation, the emulation of the productive team to reach a common goal.

This method enables to fasten the rhythm and the flexibility during the creation of new electronic apps. The project is led by a transversal and multi-field team through various steps that are juxtaposed.

That way, at iZySolutions, during the development of a new product, no “hierarchy” dictates the work to accomplish. This work is planned by a SCRUM BOARD that cut up each task into small tasks. In short, the team is the chief!



IT Manager

The projects are led, not according to what we expect from our collaborators, but according to what the collaborators could bring to our projects.
  • The transparency

    The transparency

    We are clear about our price quotations. Our motto: telling what we do and doing what we say. We are frank and sincere whether it is inside or outside.

  • The quality

    The quality

    We know that health sector needs a major demand, every month our success rate is at least of 99.7%.

  • The commitment

    The commitment

    We are committed to provide the solution that answers your needs and to respect the deadlines given.

  • The attention

    The attention

    We are constantly paying attention to our clients with thoroughness and professionalism to adapt ourselves to their needs, to anticipate them and to build with them a solid and over time relationship.

  • The excellence

    The excellence

    We focus our force on the customization of the services we offer. That way, you share with us your desires and we adapt ourselves to your specificities in a few days. The idea is to prevent modifications or adjustments of your internal systems and to quickly launch your solution.

What more?

Concerned of its collaborators’ well-being, iZySolutions joined, in 2016, the LAB’O Orléans, a numeric incubator to lead them to :
  • Create and produce in an appropriate environment.
  • Invest itself in a collaborative dynamic, oin a lively community.
  • Nourish a fertile ecosystem, draw and provide services and expertise
iZySolutions collaborative team iZySolutions appropriate environment iZySolutions team meeting

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