iZyOCM Optical catalog outsourced management

Optical catalog outsourced management

You are short of time or you don’t have the resources to manage your optical catalogues updates (multiplication of the international standards, special features linked to customers/groups…).

Free yourself from this task and focus on your added value being in control of your content.

Optical catalog outsourced management

Outsource the management of your optical electronic catalog!

iZySolutions has been working for the optical industry for more than 10 years. Today, iZySolutions is very proud to be a European leader in softwares and services for the Optical Industry. Knowing perfectly its clients, iZySolutions has become aware of a lack of service in the EDI catalogs management. That’s why, in September 2020, iZySolutions has launched its Optical Catalog Outsourced Management Service (OCM) for all the optical players, already equipped or not with its iWiCatalog software.

Optical catalog outsourced management: for who

Optical catalog outsourced management: for who?

iZySolutions’ optical catalog outsourced management service is aimed to manufacturers, suppliers, everybody that needs an optical EDI catalog to work. It has especially been thought for our clients that don’t have Optics practical knowledge to manage their catalog or simply for whom that don’t have the supply chain, human’s resources or time.

Generate catalogs with different standards depending on the country you send the information and regarding the different opticians softwares is clearly a hard task today since it means you have to be everytime aware of the new particularities of the market as the new European standards or the “100% Santé” in France for instance.

How does the optical catalog outsourced management work?

How does the optical catalog outsourced management work?

First of all, we evaluate our clients’ needs for the first year of the contract and the following – it is an annual contract. In many cases, the first year is more intense since our dedicated team has to create or remodel the database of our clients and guide them on the compliance upgrade. The creation or the improvement enrichment of the catalogs is variable depending on your business activity and market: glasses, lenses, solutions, frames, accessories, hearing systems…

iFaxNet features

Why outsource your optical catalog management?

  • We collect the manufacturers’ data and pictures
  • We complete and update your optical catalog
  • We validate and certify your files so they are compatibles with optical shop softwares
  • We post your catalog via the differents optical platforms


Our solution offering

To benefit from this service, you must respect the following conditions:

  • Annual service contract
  • 4 days of outsourcing at least per year at € 250 per day
  • Without any iZySolutions software’s licence to date, you will need a subscription to a light version of our iWiCatalog solution (optical products consultation and EXCEL export):
    • Consult products
    • Validate iZySolutions work’s team
    • Feed potential corrections using an EXCEL export

The customer maintains control over his catalog and the final validation before spreading.

Optical catalog outsourced management

To put it simply, our team is able to:

  • create your optical catalogs from EXCEL, CSV, PDF, EDI catalogs… thanks to our iWiCatalog software (to store your data among others features),
  • manage over time the yearly updates (new collections, frames, glasses, …),
  • publish our clients’ catalogs through different optical platforms and local PMS,
  • make the catalogs be validated according to the different countries standards: SF6, Opto11 ebXML, LC7, Optimeyes, VCA, B2BOptic, Spectaris, Wink plateform …
  • distribute them directly in opticians’ catalogs since iZySolutions has already connected many of the European market ones.

Naturally, iZySolutions dedicated team is next to you, not only to help you realizing your catalogs, but also to inform and guide whatever and whenever your needs. And of course, you continue to get access everytime you need to your data.

Learn more about the optical catalog outsourced management team!

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Customers stories

We had 3 objectives for our multi-country catalog management project:

- Minimize the workload of our collaborators in the conception of electronic catalogs
- Optimization of Time to Market, our products are available more quickly to our optician customers.
- Interfacing with our existing IT systems

We chose the solution iWiCatalog Corporate, on the one hand for its performances and on the other hand for its adaptability.

Thank you to the iZySolutions teams thanks to whom we succeeded in interfacing in 2 years more than twenty subsidiaries of the Essilor group.
Gille Morand Gilles MORAND Essilor Europe
I recommend to Eyes-Road EEIG members the iWiCatalog software to easily manage their Optimeyes and Opto11 electronic catalogs.
Philippe Cellier Philippe CELLIER Eyes Road
iZySolutions and our teams were able to work in an agile and efficient way by adapting throughout the stages of conception, realization and deployment of the solution to integrate the evolutions of the initial specifications.
Loic Genoni Loïc GENONI Codir - Krys
Thanks to the Lab approach of iZySolutions, we were able to co-create an environment in our image in line with our evolving needs.

We found a partner totally in phase with our dynamics which requires adaptability and reactivity. They bring satisfaction to our teams but also to our customers.

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