Optical Catalog Outsourced Management

Discover our optical catalog management team!

Among iZySolutions’ team, we have dedicated people who free yourself from the hard task that is to manage your optical catalogue updates (multiplication of the international standards, special features linked to customers/groups…).

Why choose our optical catalog management team?

  • They collect the manufacturers’ data and pictures
  • They complete and update your optical catalog
  • They validate and certify your files so they are compatibles with optical shop softwares
  • They post your catalog via the differents optical platforms

Want to learn more about our optical catalog outsourced management service? Read the dedicated page to this service.

A dedicated team only for you!

Nicolas Léon - Operational Director of our optical catalog management team

Today, that’s 5 dedicated people who work for the optical catalog outsourced management service in iZySolutions! We are very proud to introduce some of the members of this dedicated team below:

Nicolas Léon, our Operational Director manages this team. He worked for many years on this type of services for a very well-known optical complexity. Lear more about Who’s Nicolas Léon?

He joined IZySolutions team with one aim: make high-quality contributions to satisfy our customers.

For Nicolas, the creation of the “order entry” department was necessary to answer our clients’ needs!

Nídia Vilar - HelpDesk Technician of our optical catalog management team

Nídia Vilar started in the world of optics in 2014 by joining the iFaxNet team.

For six years, she was in charge of entering and proofreading customer orders for lenses, frames and contact lenses, as well as training employees. This allowed her to deepen her knowledge of catalogs and their products as well as customers and countries specificities.

And it is this knowledge that enabled her to join the iZySolutions team in September 2020, for the OCM part, catalog data entry. A project that is still under development and increasing everyday.

Sónia Abreu - HelpDesk Technician of our optical catalog management team

Sonia Abreu has been part of this company since June 2017.

She joined BMO for the data entry function for the Optical Fax to EDI – iFaxNet project.

Thanks to this job, she gained knowledge in the field of optics and at the same time the ability to recognize details between multiple types of products, treatments and other details inherent in their production between different customers and countries.

 At the end of 2020, she has had the proposal to integrate the Optical Catalog Management project, which is very pleasant because it meets some of her interests and also as a way to further increase her knowledge.

It has been very stimulating and enriching to follow all the development and launch of the catalogs, as well as all the maintenance and updating of the items.

Sonia is very useful and contribute to the growth of this project by bringing the most efficient responding to our customers.

Want to go futher with our optical catalog outsourced management service? Feel free to contact us!

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