The optical tracer revolution: iZyShape

iZyShape: the optical tracer revolution!

The optical tracer is already a revolution since it allows opticians to obtain easily a shape with which they can either optimize their lens or better set remote lens edging going.

The optical tracer in a few words

The optical tracer captures the exact lenses shapes from a frame between 512 and 1.024 points to allow opticians to receive their lenses “ready-to-assemble”.

Why do opticians use an optical tracer?

Concretely, all the time opticians don’t waste in their workshop cutting a lens shape is investing in the shop with the customers. In other words, they can focus on the sales aspects.

You will for sure have understood, once the remote lens edging is done, opticians has to send the collected data (lenses shapes) to their suppliers.

Today, how does the optical tracer post step work in concrete terms?

Not only opticians log in their PMS (optical managing software) to input their customer data, but they also log in their suppliers softwares concerned by the lenses shapes (eg. Essilor, Hoya, Zeiss…) to confirm their order.

But, all the optical tracers aren’t compatibles with webshop suppliers and opticians cannot decently invest in several optical tracers.

And it’s at this specific step iZyShape acts!


iZyShape: the multi suppliers solution

iZyShape simplifies opticians life even easier since it allows them to send customer data to all lenses suppliers systems of the optical market directly from their PMS.

So, they save a lot of time by setting just once iZyShape on their workstation instead of plenty of solutions.

Furthermore, for the French market, in 2020, iZyShape will have a second advantage. Indeed, the « RAC 0 » (translated by « no excess for a patient ») comes to effect with all associated paperworks. But, saving time thanks to iZyShape will allow opticians to focus not only on sales aspects but also on RAC 0 formalities.

Hundreds of optical tracers from different brands are already recognized by iZyShape!

You want to learn more about iZyShape, feel free to contact your PMS publisher or read more on our website on the iZyShape dedicated page where you could also download our product sheet.

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