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  • Solutions for the business needs of contactology

    The optical sector is a rapidly changing market and contactology, or more precisely the sale of contact lenses follows this movement: development of technologies, sales on the Internet, support […]

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  • Opt for the virtual glasses try-on!

    With the heyday of web 2.0 and as with many professions, eyewear manufacturers are no exception to the rule and must diversify online to give themselves ever more visibility. Going door to door […]

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  • Boost your sales with our eyewear packshot

    Do you know the eyewear packshot ? The eyewear market increasingly follows fashion trends, making the need for visuals ubiquitous. To boost your sales, visual modeling and product digitization […]

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  • With our WebShop, connect directly with opticians and / or wearers!

    What is a WebShop ? It is a merchant internet interface that allows optical suppliers (glassmakers, eyewear, etc.) to be put in direct contact with opticians in the context of a BtoB relationship […]

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  • 100% professional health: iZySolutions support

    Are you an optics player? the 100% health on the professional side , have you heard of it and have been preparing for it for a while? But are you 100% ready? In this article, we focus on the […]

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