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Our Support Department structures itself!

Our company has been steadily increasing for 10 years. Our teams are more abundant, our projects too, so we must take an additional step forward regarding our structure with the aim of offering the better satisfaction possible to our clients. That’s why we have recently hired Nicolas Léon as Operational Director to make the connection between the IT and Support Departments and follow up better the projects, especially decreasing tickets processing times.

Who is Nicolas Léon?

Nicolas Léon knows perfectly the Optical Industry even if it got into it by chance. First, he started in a Spanish Group as a Client Service Manager where he was in daily direct contact with the clients in the Commercial Department. Then, he rapidly began Installer and Trainer to opticians regarding digital measurement devices. As the same time, he also was in control of EDI catalogs on Eyescat software.

Six years later, he moved forward as an Hotline Manager in a big French Ophthalmic Lenses Manufacturer. One of his work was the EDI catalog migration to iWiCatalog, yet an iZySolutions offer ;-). During this migration, Nicolas also made the most of the opportunity to start bad processes again from scratch. Then, he joined the EDI hub in which he led different works:

  • Monitoring and orders placing help thanks to internal tools (from opticians to internal systems).
  • Remote edging lens setting up close to several brands and optical tracers types.
  • Connections development between Optical Managing Software (PMS) and particular interfaces.
  • Shapes library creation with the biggest glasses makers from the international market.

There were 4 to work in the EDI hub at its beginning to finish 7 years later at 16.

In this French company, Nicolas also used iFaxNet, an iZySolutions service that allows to quickly process optical orders’ faxes and e-mails and optimize their processing costs. The plus about this solution being the anomalies controls on EDI orders, according to Nicolas.

Through these years and with the practice, Nicolas has become an iWiCatalog expert. It was also possible thanks to the different iWiCatalog features he used as a beta-tester before they may be launched to the market. That is how Nicolas naturally joined iZySolutions in last September.

Why iZySolutions and what’s next?

Nicolas Léon: “I really appreciate the dynamic atmosphere and proactive nature of iZySolutions. They still remain attentive to customers, always bringing them innovative tools in tune with Optical Market, as examples:

  • OCAM adaptability
  • EDI standards technical adaptations like SF6 and LC7 standards (which are the future of the international market in my opinion)
  • Specific developed webshops thanks to iZyLab solution, a complete tool that allows, among other features, the autopilot of optical tracers.

Furthermore, the team is really welcoming so my integration has been facilitated :-)”

Nicolas’ goals and tasks are before anything else the client! He’s gonna to start with the Support Department reorganization and the setting up of several tools: webinars, tutorials, processes… bound for our clients.

For now 7 weeks and due to an iZySolutions significative growth, Nicolas’ job has been to:

  • audit the current Support Department
  • reorganize job posts
  • hire new employees

And who’s Nicolas in real life?

Nicolas is married and has two children. He loves sport (trail, running, biking and swimming) and practices at least one hour per day.

Learn more about Nicolas on his LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicolas-l%C3%A9on-35b63996/

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