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iZyCoreConnect (iCC) is a revolutionary solution for managing all transaction flows for key players in the optics and audiology sectors.

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iCC in summary

Thanks to its ability to directly connect the point-of-sale software of opticians and audiologists with the various information systems of relevant stakeholders (suppliers and central entities), iCC simplifies and automates the transaction flow management process: browsing supplier catalogs, sending and receiving orders, managing delivery notes, and invoicing…

iCC in summary for optical and audiology professionals:

  • Shared directory of stores and suppliers for flow optimization.
  • Product repository for all stakeholders.
  • Direct connection between point-of-sale software and supplier information systems.
  • Sending traced shapes from any probe and conversation in OMA.
  • Management of applicable standards in different countries and specific adaptation to proprietary formats.
  • Types of processed messages: orders, order acknowledgments, production tracking, delivery tracking, delivery notices, invoices, and more.

iCC benefits for in-store software publishers:

  • Time saving in catalogs integration.
  • Streamlining the process for ongoing updates to the product repository within the point-of-sale software.
  • Enhanced quality and comprehensiveness of the product repository.
  • Single and straightforward interface with all suppliers via APIs, whether for EDI or interfacing with suppliers’ web shops.

iCC benefits for suppliers:

  • Instantaneous publication of products in all point-of-sale software, regardless of the format and country.
  • Optimization of time-to-market: introducing new products and discontinuing existing ones.
  • Harmonization and simplification of order entry processes (EDI and web store interface).
  • Integration of existing formats in the optical and audiology markets.
  • Platform design allowing for the integration of supplier technological innovations.

As you may have understood, iCC is an international solution that standardizes message exchanges in the optical and audiology sectors. iCC remains adaptable to the specific needs of each player. Of course, our solution is hosted on a certified HDS server, and our R&D team regularly updates iCC to align with market developments.

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Are you a point-of-sale software publisher for opticians and/or audiologists and would you like to connect to iCC? Wherever you are in the world, do it free of charge thanks to the APIs provided by our dedicated team! To do this, fill out the form below!

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Are you a supplier looking to connect to iCC? Wherever you are in the world, connect using the APIs provided by our dedicated team! Contact us using the form below to get all the information you need!

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