Jordan, at the heart of our Research and Development management

iZySolutions has been able to set up processes allowing a flow of know-how between its solution management teams, with the aim of always ensuring good management of R&D . This has been possible over the years thanks to Jordan Fontorbe, our R&D director, to whom we dedicate this blog article. The objective is also to present to you our development methods, our processes and our future 🙂

Jordan and iZySolutions: a long history

Jordan has worked for iZySolutions for 7 years. After an internship during his bachelor’s degree in computer science, Jordan was hired as a part-time employee, which enabled him to continue his studies and obtain his master’s degree in computer science.

Like Apple or Google, Jordan began his work in the garage of Julien, the current CEO of the company iZySolutions. “When I started at iZySolutions, there were two of us in OrlĂ©ans. There are now 20 of us, not counting the employees at the sites in Laval (France), Porto (Portugal) and Bucharest (Romania)”.

Jordan’s R&D management missions

As R&D manager, Jordan has several missions:

  • Manage IT staff from internal customer request to delivery.
  • Choose the technologies to use according to the projects, among others Microsoft technologies such as C # or .net.
  • Opt for dedicated servers for the implementation of the customer solutions environment.
  • Manage schedules according to the Agile method (regular meetings, code reviews …).
  • Ensure consistency between all of our developments, projects and solutions over time by consolidating previous work.
  • Check that the encoding and associated documents are well written so that anyone can easily access any project.
  • Set up new collaborative tools to facilitate teamwork, such as JIRA, among others.

What about R&D?

For Jordan, being innovative means keeping abreast of the latest new technologies like .NET Core, testing them and implementing them in our projects if it is relevant to our customers and to us.

Jordan has also started implementing unit testing and test automation processes to secure all updates.

But his work does not stop there! Jordan works hard on iZySolutions Knowledge Management by building a knowledge base regarding all of our developments with the goal of facilitating knowledge preservation and sharing over time. In other words, Jordan’s mission is to make the iZySolutions business sustainable!

Finally, Jordan is also working on the IoT (Internet of Things) and is studying new solutions centered on the end users of our solutions but it’s a bit early to reveal everything to you 😉

Jordan in real life

Jordan loves tennis and we can say he is “THE gourmet” of the iZySolutions team. If you need a great restaurant in Orleans, make sure Jordan can help you!

To learn more about Jordan, see his LinkedIn profile:

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