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Are you an optics player? the 100% health on the professional side , have you heard of it and have been preparing for it for a while? But are you 100% ready? In this article, we focus on the problems that you may be able to encounter as a professional in the face of this reform, and we do not stop there, we also suggest that you solve them 😉

Review of the structuring points of the optical reform

Even if you are more than certainly in phase with what the 100% health reform involves on the professional side, a little reminder never hurts 😉

Installation of 2 classes of equipment (lenses and frames):

  • Class A (“100% health” basket): fully covered by AMO and AMC
  • Class B (basket at free prices): care supervised by responsible floors and ceilings

A new more complex nomenclature taking into account:

  • Classes A and B
  • Classification of lenses (single vision, multifocal, progressive)
  • The sphere and the cylinder
  • Correction (spherical or toric)

For class A (100% health), installation of POS according to the equipment (lens + frame):

  • POS from 95 € to 370 € depending on the correction with a maximum of 30 € for the frame

Evolution of reimbursement conditions:

  • For 16 years old and over: renewal frequency set at 2 years with the possibility of early renewal
  • For those under 16: renewal frequency set at 1 year with the possibility of early renewal

New obligations vis-à-vis manufacturers and healthcare professionals:

  • Obligation of lens quality: anti-scratch treatment and anti-UV treatment (more for class A glasses only: anti-reflection treatment and minimum refractive index)
  • Obligation to deliver a quote including at least one 100% health offer
  • Obligation for the optician to offer 17 frames for adults and 10 frames for children respecting the sales limit prices less than or equal to 30 euros

Which professionals are affected by this 100% Health reform?

  • Manufacturers of ophthalmic lenses1:
    o class A and class B single vision lenses
    o Class A and Class B multifocal lenses
    o Class A and Class B progressive lenses
    o Class A and B neutral glasses
    o isekonic glasses
  • Manufacturers of optical frames:
    o Class A and B children’s frames
    o Class A and B adult frames
  • Amblyopia Equipment Manufacturers:
    o rehabilitation systems
    o optical visual aids, magnifiers
    o electronic visual aids
    o Ultrasound guides for blind newborns
    o visual aids optical, microscopic vision, near vision, distance vision or mixed
  • Antiptosis system manufacturers

Lens manufacturers are not affected by this obligation.

Implications of 100% health on the professional side

One of the key points of this reform is to enable wearers to understand the makeup of their lenses. Also, it is advisable for the manufacturers and the optical suppliers to be able to integrate the data related to the glasses in their management software in order to be able to easily generate a standardized estimate in connection with a 100% health offer. Our iWiCatalog optical EDI catalog, compatible with the new OPTO11 R18 standards, allows easy management and integration of data by class. This work was made possible thanks to an active collaboration with EDI-Optique . A control functionality is also in place within our solution to check that not only the glasses but also its supplements are compatible with the 100% health offer! iZySolutions even supports optical manufacturers and suppliers in their declaration to the ANSM.

Most ? For optical players who own our online webshop platform, called iZyWebShop , a direct connection between the latter and iWiCatalog is guaranteed! A feature even allowing end customers on the webshop to filter the offers whether they are 100% healthy or not!

Are you a power station or an optical group? iZySolutions also supports you in integrating your supplier catalogs into your ERP or IS.

For more information about the contributions that iZySolutions can bring you regarding this new 100% health reform on the professional side, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to guide you 🙂

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