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iWiCatalog is a solution to manage your EDI catalog for optic..

It’s addressed to optic manufacturers, retail chains and international groups.
iWiCatalog is not just a simple catalog’s creation software, it easily becomes the central core of your product base’s architecture.

More information in our iWiCatalog product’s sheet.

iWiCatalog for manufacturers.

iWiCatalog is the leading software in optic industry.

It enables lenses, contact lenses, frames and accessories manufacturers to easily create their online product catalog and to share it with the customer base in a simple click, no matter the format of destination.

iWiCatalog s designed to manage European optical standards like Optimeyes, OPTO11, SF6 and Spectaris but also optical software editors’ own format and other format Excel or PDF.

iWiCatalog offers many important functions for optic manufacturers, which are (among others):

  • Creation of products in various languages
  • Determination of prices depending on the brand
  • Management of commercial offers
  • Inclusion of products’ pictures
  • Declination of products into private labels.
  • Placing packaged products’ online.
  • Inclusion of complementary marketing data
  • Interconnection with already existing information systems (ERP, PMS, LMS…)

iWiCatalog for retail chains.

Because they receive a high number of catalog data from their suppliers in different standards, retail networks struggle to verify transmitted data’s quality and to only chose the products they are interested in to, then, send them and market them in their own catalog.

With iWiCatalog, it is very easy to pick data up clearly and to even change variables like recommended selling prices, marketing speech, product’s pictures or to inject new data like the creation of private labels or even the inclusion of other characteristics of communication/marketing. The optic catalog can, then, be easily exported to these opticians’ softwares.

iWiCatalog for international groups

All international groups of optic industry have the same problem:  to quickly distribute their catalogs in whole countries’ subsidiaries in which they are implemented so they can start a quick launch of their products and therefore avoid a turnover lost. The other difficulty is to know in real time lines’ existence and the price positioning according to the geographic area and the brand. The penetration of their products on their market is therefore hardly manageable.

iWiCatalog enables them to easily send catalogs’ data in any format expected by the opticians whether it is for a Corporate international product or a local product, to make the catalog immediately accessible to the different subsidiaries and to enable them to change the characteristics of a product according local specialties for example.

iWiCatalog in brief

interface responsive

iWiCatalog is reachable via a simple browser (nothing to install on computer) and no matter the OS used (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux). iWiCatalog is responsive and works on tablet.

interface simple

A particular attention is brought to iWi’s usability to offer the user a pleasant and effective experience. The simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface increases the effectiveness and the swiftness of catalogs’ management which can be often tedious.

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Finally, concerning catalogs’ distribution in points of sale, iWi is interfaced with already existing EDI routing platforms. Our teams are involved in all European works led by the different optical world organizations.



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