EDI invoices solution for optical players

Discover our EDI invoices solution for Optics

iZySolutions has developed an EDI invoices solution especially made for optical industry players! Indeed, who can be best suited than the leader in software solutions and service offerings for players of the optic industry?

Enough fun 😉 Our ebilling solution offer allows you to dematerialize your data in compliance with the appropriate legal / fiscal framework and deposit all or part of your invoices to your customers in their secure electronic data vaults. The pro? Our EDI invoices solution is neutral, secured and furthermore is proposed according to generic costs.

Why are the pros of dematerializing your billings?

  • Saving time and data quality with tasks automation
  • Saving money: accounting costs reduction, manipulation, key-in twice, near real time datas…
  • A better ecological footprint: replace your paper invoices by an electronic strong message

How does our EDI invoices solution work in concrete terms?

iZySolutions undertakes to provide you a 100% dedicated, reliable and secured SaaS solution to automate all your invoices mangement workflow. Each file received on our EDI invoices solution is translated and made available in a format standardized by the EDI Optical Association: EDIFACT, Opto34 and Factur-X, before being dematerialized.

Our e-invoicing solution is accessible through secure and proven exchange protocols (SFTP, HTTPS and web services) and is hosted in France.

Electronics invoices are automatically exchanged with your partners and converted, integrated with your native ERP (SAP, sage, …).

For whom exactly our EDI invoices solution for Optics is made for?

  • Contact lens laboratories, frames manufacturers or optical lens manufacturers that want to dematerialize the transmission of electronic invoices to their optician customers, central buying groups, or retail chains,
  • Central purchasing groups or retail chains that want to dematerialize the transmission of electronic invoices to their opticians.

How much does it cost?

iZySolutions undertakes to propose you a right price offer! You’re a new entrant in Optics? A minimal and reachable price has been studied for you.

You’re a big optical player? Stop paying according to a number of sent messages and benefit from our maximum limit price!

Our pricing begins from € 190!

You want to learn more about this service? Feel free to contact us, we will be very happy to answer all your questions about our ebilling solution.

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