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iZySolutions is the European leader in software solutions and service offerings for players of the optic industry.
Indeed, iZySolutions developed « THE » toolbox for electronic data interchange to ease the daily life of all the players of the optic industry (opticians, suppliers, distributors, editors, platforms…) so they can focus more on their business core.
Our strength? The service: always be closer to you, here is our challenge… That’s why we developed ourselves on the web part to always reach more people: redesign of our web site, creation of our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and launch of our Blog!

While we talk about the Blog, what will you find in it?

Current events, market watch, technical advice… We let you know about everything regarding the optic industry and technical, IT, software solutions related to it of course.The idea is to also interact with you, to take into account all your notes and to answer to your different questions.

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I’m sure you already can’t wait to see some content… Don’t worry we have a lot of information.