With our WebShop, connect directly with opticians and / or wearers!

What is a WebShop ? It is a merchant internet interface that allows optical suppliers (glassmakers, eyewear, etc.) to be put in direct contact with opticians in the context of a BtoB relationship (professional to professional) and / or optical suppliers (lenses and frames) with carriers, i.e. end customers in the context of a BtoC relationship (professional to private).
In short, it allows optical suppliers to develop their sales through the web channel while increasing their possibilities.

The WebShop as part of a professional to professional relationship

Why would an optician go through a WebShop to order his products from optical suppliers?
In addition to the ease of access to information through the internet channel and the speed and fluidity of exchanges in terms of orders, iZyWebShop, the solution offered by iZySolutions goes further …
Our webshop allows you to manage specific cases. Let us take an example: you are a supplier and wish to offer your customers personalized “freeform” glasses with specific data, but do not have the possibility of quickly integrating the data characteristic of these glasses in all the point of sale software and therefore are unable to receive these orders by EDI. With our webshop, you can receive these orders directly, regardless of the technical characteristics of the glasses since our technical teams are able to quickly customize the latter on request so that you can enter all possible and imaginable data.

Optical Web Shop example

Most ?

Overcome the slowness of standards that do not change fast enough!

iZyWebShop makes it possible to interface the information systems of optical suppliers with all European optician software, in compliance with the standards of each country.

Precision probe interfacing and remote edging

The WebShop offers opticians a module that can be interfaced with their probe regardless of the brand, allowing lens manufacturers, following an order, to easily and accurately perform the expected remote edging.

Connection with point of sale software

The webshop made available by iZySolutions is also able to connect today to the main point of sale software for opticians, but the subject deserves a more detailed article, which you will soon find on our Blog. You are curious and want to know more now, contact us.

The WebShop as part of a professional-to-private relationship

iZyWebShop also allows optical suppliers to expand their catchment area through the web channel. Thanks to the web shop, they can sell their product catalog directly on the web so that end consumers can access it.

Optical webshop for suppliers

Optical webshop for suppliers

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Webshop modules allow suppliers to communicate about their commercial offers, to personalize their prices, to publish and distribute packaged offers online, etc.

You know more about the main features of a webshop, but feel free to contact us for any request for further information 🙂

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