Solutions for the business needs of contactology

The optical sector is a rapidly changing market and contactology, or more precisely the sale of contact lenses follows this movement: development of technologies, sales on the Internet, support by mutuals, reduction of the average basket… So many developments which oblige the players in this market to continually recover. cause to continue to develop their activity and therefore their turnover.
Because IT is not your job, because standards and needs are constantly evolving, because you want to focus on your core business, iZySolutions offers a wide choice of tailor-made products that cover all business needs of contactology.

What solutions exactly for the business needs of contactology?

Whether you are a lens manufacturer or distributor, whether you want to build a product repository to give you visibility in-store or whether you want to sell your products directly on the Internet, iZySolutions has the solution that suits you.

iWiCatalog: the optical EDI catalog

iWiCatalog allows you to build up your product repository either by creating it,  or by collecting catalogs from manufacturers. This repository, once established, can be made available to all optical stores easily and quickly.
iWiCatalog manages all technical, commercial and marketing data for contact lenses, for all types of lenses, boxes and maintenance solutions.

iZyWebShop  :  the e-commerce site for optical suppliers

iZyWebShop is the e-commerce platform for optical players. If you want to sell your lenses and maintenance solutions directly on the Net, whether in B2B and / or B2C depending on your needs, iZyWebShop is “THE” answer.
iZyWebShop is customizable, it allows you to offer your products for sale but also to communicate directly with consumers and / or opticians. It is the showcase of your know-how and supports customers in their daily lives.

iZyEDI: EDI order management

iZyEDI collects and translates EDI orders directly from optical stores. No more faxes and emails of orders, with iZyEDI, increase the availability of your services 7/7 and 24/24.

iFaxnet: FAX to EDI

Finally, to complete the range of solutions, iFaxNet allows you to dematerialize all of your fax and email orders received by your customer service in EDI orders.
The iFaxNet service covers all issues of opening services on Saturdays, managing peaks of activity, seasonality, but also personnel issues.
Because iZySolutions supports contactology players, do not hesitate to contact us for any presentation or demonstration requests.

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