All about optical lab management software

Optical lab management software or how to simplify your daily life!

Have you ever heard about optical lab management software? This is a software solution that enables the different partners of optic industry: opticians, manufacturers, suppliers, retail chains… to manage easily their electronic transactions related to their core business, no matter in which country they are or the current standards.

So in short, an optical lab management software help you to:

  • support your needs
  • streamline your processes
  • advance your business

How does an optical lab management software currently work?

As example, I’m gonna to talk you about our optical lab management software called iZyLab to make you understand how that type of solution can really simplify your daily life!

One of the main component of iZyLab is the quick and easy optical orders’ entries. Thanks to our solution, an optical supplier can easily create and change an order with business entries (digital tablets to take shapes…) in keeping with his manufacturers’ catalog and then to inject data in his ERP. iZyLab even automatically recognizes most recent tracers on the market!

The plus? The optician can also directly order on the supplier’s webshop (see explanation below).

In any case, the supplier directly receives the optician’s order in his information system. Then, either the supplier manufactures or outsources his orders. Until the products receipt, the optician can follow the progress of his orders on iZyLab.

But better than words, have a look on the working process of iZyLab in video below:

Our optical lab management software iZyLab in details

iZyLab is not only THE answer that allows you to manage all your EDI, Web, Phone and Fax orders but also THE solution which permits you to gather and simplify your catalogs, commercial offers, controls, orders…

  • One of the central feature of iZyLab is called iWiCatalog, which is an online software used for the creation and the broadcast of optical catalogs.
  • With iZyLab, you can also manage your EDI order’s since it allows you to receive and interpret any kind of orders placed via EDI, no matter the initial order’s format (EDIFACT, OPTO34, BtoB OPTIC, XML, VCA…).
  • iZyWebShop, an other feature of iZyLab eases opticians’ lives and their suppliers, respectively by allowing the first ones to directly place their orders online and, in doing so, the others to be able to offer their product catalog straight to online sale.
  • To finish, iZyShape also enables the autopilot of optical tracers from iZyWebShop .

I could talk to you about iZyLab for hours, especially beacause I haven’t told you anything in this article so much we can say! So feel free to read iZyLab page on our website for more details or better, to contact us for a demo.

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