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Choose the VirtualTryOn for glasses!

With the height of the 2.0 web and like many professions, glasses manufacturers do not escape to the rule and must diversify themselves online to always be more visible. Going door-to-door in stores it’s a good thing, but now you need to find complementary means to speed up the launch date of your products. The VirtualTryOn for glasses is one of the effective diversification means since it answers to a customer’s need and therefore it contributes to the notoriety of the glasses manufacturer. In this article, I not only focus on the VirtualTryOn but also on other tools which the purpose is to ease your daily life.

essayage lunette virtuel

Enhance your frames.

Did you know that the quality of your pictures influences the buying decision of your customers? That’s why, it’s now recommended to proceed to a packshot, that is to say, opting for a specialized and professional tool that will be able to take 360° pictures of your frames.

Go further with the VirtualTryOn for glasses.

Now, the customers (mostly on the Internet) always want everything to go fast. If they project themselves more during their purchase process, there are less likely to go see somewhere else. So what if you digitalized your frames and make your products interactive thanks to the VirtualTryOn? You surely speed up the decision-making of your buyers!

essayage virtuel de lunettes

The pictures and the VirtualTryOn available to optic stores in a click!

The pictures and the glasses’ VirtualTryOn are very good things but it’s even better if this quality work can be directly and easily reachable by optic stores with which you work, so they can broadcast your frames to their customer base. To do so, you need to equip yourselves with an optic EDI catalog that will allow you to easily create your online products catalogs and to broadcast them no matter what the destination format is.

What other alternatives?

You can also directly offer your frames thanks to a web shop: that is your own         e-commerce website! All your frames are available online and live tried by your customers. The must? They can specify their measurements before trying them!
Once they took a decision, they can proceed to the order and deliver them at their closest optician thanks to a geo-tracking system.
So! When do you start?

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