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IZySolutions is the flows’ facilitator for the players of the optic industry

IZySolutions developed « THE » toolbox for electronic data interchange to ease the daily life of all the players of the optic industry (opticians, suppliers, distributors, editors, platforms…) so they can focus more on their business core.

Software solutions and dedicated services !

Active in the entire Europe, IZySolutions offers a series of solutions for the different optical partners while taking each country’s specialties into account: management of optical EDI catalogs for optic ( Optimeyes, OPTO11, SF6, Spectaris…), management of optical front office, easy and quick optical orders entries (OPTO34, VCA/OMA, B2Boptic…) and Webshop.
iZySolutions, it’s also a series of services : FAX to EDI, development customized for optical trades, management of call centers …

iZySolutions rhymes with innovation.

Every day we take up the challenge to ensure quality, to respect deadlines and to maintain our responsiveness. In that way, we encourage our teams to develop actions in line with the habits and expectations of our clients so that we can always be the pioneers in the solutions we offer and to reinforce our position as leader on the market.

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Our mission Being the flows facilitator for the players of the optical industry

Our priorities is about



Whether it is through our softwares or optical services offerings, everything is done so you can be focused on your business core.



Every day we take up the challenge to ensure quality, to respect deadlines and to maintain our responsiveness to always please our clients more.

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Our services connect all optical industry actors towards they work faster and… easier.



The optical verticalization of your ERP.

Service offered to ease electronic flows between optical players.
iZyLab Manager offers a panel of softwares dedicated to the different interlocutors of the optic industry : opticians, manufacturers, suppliers, store chains.



EDI optical catalog

Logiciel Leading software for the creation of optical catalogs online.
iWiCatalog is a solution that enables you to manage your optimal EDI catalog. It’s addressed as well to optical manufacturers as for stores and distributors.



Convert your faxes to e-mail

Service of dematerialization of faxes and e-mails.
The FAX to EDI is a service that allows you to quickly process faxes/e-mails of optical orders and to enhance their processing costs.

He have been the flows facilitator for the players of the optical industry since 2009

They love working with us

I recommend the software iWi Catalog to the members of GEIE Eyes-Road to easily manage their electronic catalogs Optimeyes and Opto11.

Philippe Cellier Philippe Cellier Chief Executive Eyes Road

iZySolutions and our teams have been able to work in an agile and efficient manner by adapting throughout the design, implementation and deployment stages of the solution to integrate changes in the initial specifications.

Loic Genoni Loïc GENONI CIO/ DSI Codir – Krys

Thanks to iZySolutions’s “Lab” approach, we were able to co-create an environment that reflects our image in line with our evolving needs.
We have found a partner who is totally in tune with our dynamic which requires adaptability and responsiveness. They bring satisfaction to our teams but also to our customers.

robert richon Robert RICHON Sales Manager Shamir

We had 3 objectives for our multi-country catalog management project:

  • Reduction of the workload of our employees in their design of electronic catalogs
  • Time to Market optimization, our products are available more quickly from our optician customers
  • Interfacing with our existing IT systems

We chose the solution with iWiCatalog Corporate, on the one hand for its performance and on the other hand for its adaptability.

Thank you to the iZySolutions teams, thanks to which we have succeeded in interfacing in 2 years more than twenty subsidiaries of the Essilor group.

Gille Morand Gilles MORAND VP Europe Product Manager Essilor Europe

Since 2009, iZySolutions has been supporting us in our EDI invoice management.

Their solution integrates and controls all our supplier invoices and ensures that they are sent to our ERP.

This is a real support for our head office, which benefits from considerable time savings in the management of supplier invoicing flows.

A real plus: over the years we have been able to build a profitable partnership with iZySolutions.

Tassy Ludovic TASSY DSI Alain Afflelou

At the beginning of 2020, we requested the iWiCatalog solution for our EDI catalogs redesign.


Its optimized interfaces and the respect of the optical standards constantly updated allowed us to manage quality catalogs able to be submitted to the optical requirements of the French market.


The import and export functionalities allow all of our products to be migrated and/or distributed from one platform to another in a simple and fast way.


The technical and functional expertise provided by the iZySolutions team supports us in all our needs.

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