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iZyLab is a whole of Lab Optical software solutions that enables a regular ERP to manage issues related to optic industry.

iZyLab offers a panel of electronic softwares dedicated to the different partners of optic industry: opticians, manufacturers, suppliers, retail chains… therewith they can ease their interactions and their electronic transactions, no matter in which country they are or the current standards.

iWiCatalog, online software, used for the creation and the broadcast of optical catalogs, is « THE » central solution of iZyLab to which you can add different components depending on users’ needs. Knowing that iZyLink and iZyOrderEntry explained below, are necessarily part of iZyLab’s basic offer with iWiCatalog.

More information in our iZyLab’s product sheet.

iZyLab’s order entry components.

Whole orders entering in your iZyLab component are controlled so that the consistency between the product catalog and the business specific controls defined in iWiCatalog are checked.
izy orderentry
pack iZyOrderEntry EN

iZyOrderEntry : quick and easy optical orders’ entries.

iZyOrderEntry is an online interface connected to iWiCatalog, that enables to easily create and change an order with business entries (digital tablets to take shapes…) in keeping with your manufacturers’ catalog and then to inject data in your ERP.

More information in our iZyOrderEntry product’s sheet.

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iZyEDI: EDI orders’ management

iZyEDI enables optic manufacturers to receive and interpret any kind of orders placed via EDI, no matter the initial order’s format (EDIFACT, OPTO34, BtoB OPTIC, XML, VCA…).

So that an optimal exchanges’ quality is ensured, when a new order is received, iZyEDI verifies its validity thanks to the business validation component.

In case of abnormalities, the order is materialized as a PDF on screen so that an operator can easily correct those abnormalities by validating the data by phone to the order’s issuer and, in doing so, to make sure of the good integration of the missing information.

More information in our iZyEDI product’s sheet.

izy webshop
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iZyWebShop : the e-commerce website of optical suppliers.

iZyWebShop eases opticians’ lives and their suppliers, respectively by allowing the first ones to directly place their orders online and, in doing so, the others to be able to offer their product catalog straight to online sale.

What more? The optician disposes of an online secured personal space in which he’ll find his various data (account settings, orders’ forms, invoices, contracts…) but not only. The user also has access to a free component which can be interfaced with his tracer, allowing the manufacturer to easily and accurately make the expected remote edging lens.

More information in our iZyWebShop.

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pack iZy Shap EN

IzyShape: offers remote edging lens to your opticians.

iZyShape enables the autopilot of optical tracers from iZyWebShop . Offer to your optician customers a complete service allowing the receipt of lenses already shaped according frame’s shape.

Enrich your service offers and expand your customer base.

A revolutionary tool!
iZyShape software sets up directly from iZyWebShop and automatically recognizes most recent tracers on the market. Our R&D service continuously includes new tracers.

Our automatic update system guarantees that your customers will always have the most recent version on their workstation with the latest drivers.

More information in our iZyShape. product’s sheet.

iZyLab‘s complementary components.

pack iZyBuy

iZyBuy : the optical suppliers’ purchasing portal towards their manufacturers

iZyBuy enables the optical suppliers, who subcontract part of their production, to automatically generate a purchase order to their manufacturers.

Faxed or e-mailed EDI orders sent to manufacturers are created from an optician order placed earlier according to the different settings filled in iZyLab.

iZyBuy is very complete since it enables, for lenses for example, to send expected shapes to manufacturers.

Finally, iZyBuy enables a management and a total traceability of an order’s different life circle’s status (stock, ongoing at manufacturer’s…).

More information in our iZyBuy product’s sheet.

pack iZy Link-en

iZyLink : the ERP’s optical plug-in.

As a supplier, no doubts, you have already an ERP or your own information system like Sage, SAP, AS400…. In the optical industry, many business regulations exist and most of the time, those systems don’t take them in account.


The idea is not that our whole software solutions, dedicated to optical industry, replace your existing ERP, but that it interfaces itself with the ERP to make your information systems a complete business tool at your company’s service. That’s when iZyLink intervenes. It enables to connect iZyLab to your ERP: products, stock, customers’ databases and orders…Then order forms, invoices, statistics are managed as usual in your ERP.

For example, for a lens supplier, many combinations exist to price lenses and extras as they depend on lenses’ correction, the target, ongoing commercial offers. In a regular ERP, it’s not possible without incurring expensive changes. iZyLink’s part is to pass on the right price at the same time of the order so that the ERP can continue the order’s life circle.

More information in our iZyLink product’s sheet.



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