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The FAX to EDI is a service that allows you to quickly process optical orders’ faxes and e-mails and to optimize their processing costs.

More information on our product sheet iFaxNet.

Why change for FAX to EDI ?

As lenses, contact lenses, frames or accessories manufacturers, you often have to process an important number of optical orders received via fax or e-mail from your clients.

Some requests and received data are often recurring and the processing time of those is tedious and time-consuming.

The FAX to EDI allows you to break away from this task of “non-value added” for your company, to manage variations hazards of your teams (leaves, absenteeism…), by offering you the possibility of receiving any document immediately translated to EDI in your ERP or information system.

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iFaxNet functions

iFaxNet decrypts data received on paper : contents, shapes, drawings, form recognition… and to pass them on directly, thanks to EDI, in your ERP or your information system.

iFaxNet can even automatically decrypt and pass on the shapes with the drilling points.
That way, you don’t spend your internal resources on small added value tasks anymore, you reduce your responsibilities and increase your processing capacity. Furthermore, your documents are sorted out, stored and indexed.

You can find them in no time on your web area thanks to multi-criteria researches.

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