A new sales manager joins iZySolutions!

directeur commercial - jb topalian

IZySolutions, IT solutions leader for the optic industry takes the leap of the international and announces today the appointment of Jean-Baptiste TOPALIAN as sales manager.
Jean-Baptiste, with his 15 years of experience in Rodenstock, large lenses and glasses manufacturer international group, as an IT and logistic manager, has been the motor and worked for the industrialization of the business processes by setting up innovative IT solutions.
By relying on his acquired skills and his lived experiences, Jean-Baptiste will bring his skills, to the iZySolutions’ customers, in terms of solutions’ implementation and computerized data exchanges processes to ease the daily life of all the actors of the optic industry (suppliers, manufactures and distributors) so that they only focus on their business core.
You would like to reach Jean-Baptiste?
It’s easy: jb.topalian@izysolutions.com