Jimmy, the king of the international optical catalog

Jimmy, the king of the international optical catalog

You are an international optical group? Do you know iWiCatalog, our international optical catalog solution? And do you know Jimmy, the man who is behind all the incredible developments and innovations of this solution?

No? Really? So please stop and read this article because you are clearly missing something that will help your business grow!

In the beginning, iZySolutions created iWiCatalog

Quite simply, iWiCatalog is a solution to manage your EDI catalog for Optics. For the international groups, iWiCatalog enables to manage an international optical catalog.

OK so, it’s just as an ERP? We could say that, but do you know an ERP that manages a single product database for one group and all its subsidiaries all around the world, respecting furthermore the optical features as manufacturing grids among others?

And when we say “manage”, iWiCatalog doesn’t limit itself allowing subsidiaries to download a simple PDF online catalog, no! iWiCatalog allows them to manage the products they need in a dedicated online interface. So, they can choose the products that they find interesting, applicating particularities as manufacturing parameters, prices…

So, thanks to iWiCatalog, the subsidiaries daily save a lot of time and money!

And what are the advantages for the groups? First, they significantly reduce the time to market regarding their products. Second, they are now able to analyse correctly their products database knowing exactly which product is sold in any country. So they can now adjust their marketing strategy faster to stay competitive!

Jimmy and the international optical catalog

And Jimmy in all this business?

Jimmy is a little guy who has arrived for more than 5 years now. He began as a developer while he was studying for his Master’s in IT, and bit by bit, he climbed the ladder. Jimmy has imposed his own thanks to his willpower to innovate and satisfy the clients’ needs.

Nowadays IT Project Manager, in charge of several developers dedicated to iWiCatalog, Jimmy and his team are constantly working on evolution and maintenance of “their baby”. To accomplish this work, they consider of course the clients’ feedbacks and the optical market evolution.

The recent works on iWiCatalog among others:

  • The improvement of the solution for the users: one of the big updates is about the fields’ personalization by the subsidiaries. When a group fills in its product database in iWiCatalog, all the fields are blue. As soon as a subsidiary change one or several fields, these ones become red, so it can always remember the fields which has changed. The pro? If the group proceeds to a new import, only the fields not changed by the subsidiary (it means the blue ones) would be updated, so the subsidiary wouldn’t have to do the job twice.
iWiCatalog: international optical catalog
Example of fields personalization by a subsidiary in iWiCatalog
  • Options updating: on lenses types, a subsidiary can only import the options needed. For instance, if the subsidiary doesn’t proceed to calibration, she wouldn’t have to import this option.
International optical catalog options choice
Example of options choice in iWiCatalog
  • Various imports: the subsidiary can import the lens manufacturing costs for example or the recommended retail prices by the group, depending on the concerned country.
International optical catalog products update
Example of products updates in iWiCatalog
  • Etc.

If you want to learn more about iWiCatalog, feel free to contact us.

Oh, and nothing to do with iWiCatalog, but Jimmy is also our “Cookie Master”

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